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New Years Challenge 2022-2023 Sign up team by Nov. 18th for FREE TEAM T-SHIRTS


Welcome to the New Years Challenge 2022-2023 Registration

New Years Challenge 2022-2023 Tournament!

December 26-January 1st
Winter Break NO SCHOOL

4 GAME GUARANTEE with Bonus Game to top 4 teams in each division!!! 
(5 games for top 4 seeds)

Beginner Mites (play 4-on-4)

Intermediate Mites

Advanced Mites

Squirt B/C

Squirt A


8U Girls

10U Girls

**Team levels by USA Hockey 2022-2023 Season Age Classifications: 
USA/ Hockey Playing Season:
Sept 1, 2022 Through Aug 31, 2023

**Players can play Up , Not Down

(example: Mite player can play Squirts, Squirt player cannot play in Mites) 

**4 game guarantee & 5th game for 1st or 3rd place game
(top 4 teams in each division will get 5 games, all 4 team divisions will get 5 games) )

$1095 plus tax ($78.01) = $1173.01 per team 
(Non - Refundable) deposit $200 plus tax required to secure team spot)

3-on-3 hockey is fast paced and great for skating, stick handling  and FUN! 

  • $200 plus tax deposit (Non-Refundable) required to hold team spot.
  • USA Certified refs
  • Online Transaction fees apply to all online transactions through SportsEngine. 

The goal of our tournaments is to create competitive games and good parity within each level.  We go by USA hockey/Mn Hockey guidelines and  we have suggested the following guidelines for determining the appropriate level as well:

Level of Play: Please call or email if you have any questions

Level 2022-2023 Birthdate Range General Description of Skill
Beginner Mite 6/1/15 or younger Typically 1st grade and younger. Can skate with forward strides on both feet (not steps), working on backwards skating, can carry a puck the length of the ice, and can hockey stop on at least one foot
Intermediate Mite 6/1/13 or younger Typically 2nd grade or some 3rd graders and younger. Middle Range level Mite player. In general, these skaters are proficient at striding forward, skate backwards with confidence, will attempt forward crossovers, working on backwards crossovers, efficiently carry a puck while skating/turning and can hockey stop on both feet
Advanced Mites 6/1/13 or younger Typically 3rd grade or younger , AAA and/or highest skilled players at Mite Level. Able to shoot with accuracy.
Girls 8U 6/1/13 or younger
Squirt B/C 6/1/11 to 5/31/13 Typically 5th grade or younger. 1st year Squirt and/or Association Squirt B/C player
Squirt A 6/1/11 to 5/31/13 Typically 5th grade or younger. AAA player Squirt and/or Squirt A/AA Association player
Girls 10U 6/1/011 to 5/31/13
PeeWee 6/1/09 to 5/31/11 Typically 7th grade or younger
Girls 12U 6/1/09 to 5/31/11
Bantam 6/1/07 to 5/31/09

Need Further Help or Have Questions?

Please call or email The Pond with any questions.


Morgan The Pond

General Manager

Phone: 651-322-7322